Fashion Tips for Tall Ladies

Tall women are beautiful, sophisticated, and capture a room’s attention as soon as they walk in. So whether or not you were made fun of for your height growing up, you should embrace the fact that you’re tall. After all, a lot of people wish they were taller!

But when it comes to fashion for tall women, you may encounter some challenges while out shopping. Even men shopping for the big and tall clothes struggle to find clothes that will accentuate their figures and bring out their best features. To help you choose the best clothes for your shape, continue reading for a few helpful fashion tips for tall ladies.

Look for a Great Pair of Skinny Jeans

To show off your long, lean legs, look for a great pair of skinny jeans. You can wear these jeans casually, or they can be dressed up with a more formal top and accessories. Just remember that if they’re a bit short, that’s fine because it lets you show off your shoes, and the latest trend is to roll up the hem anyway.

Look for the Right Tops and Accessories to Create Curves

Finding the right tops for tall ladies can be a bit of a challenge too. If you have a boyish frame and you are quite slim, you can create more curves with patterns, ruffles, and frills, for example. You can also use a belt over a layered top, as well as add jackets and cardigans that can break up a long, lean body. And bold necklaces can also work to break up a long torso while also adding interest to any outfit. Plus, the right accessories will draw attention to themselves so people won’t pay as much attention to your height, to begin with.

Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Not everyone can pull off over-the-knee boots because their legs just aren’t long enough. Take advantage of your height and sport these sexy boots during the fall and winter. Paired with a skirt or a dress, you’ll achieve a sexy look in minutes and be ready for a night out on the town.

Rock a Maxi Dress

When the weather gets warm, tall ladies are the best at flaunting their bodies in comfortable maxi dresses. These come in a variety of patterns and necklines, so purchase a few different options that you can play with for work and for spending time with friends. While these dresses look great on just about anyone, they really do look best on tall women. And because you’re tall, you can wear flats with confidence and without tripping over your dress!

Wear Knee-Length Skirts

Skirts that fall just above your knee are best for formal occasions and for work because they aren’t over-the-top sexy but they’re able to create curves and show off your long legs.

If you’re tall, embrace it, as there are so many fashion trends that you can flaunt with confidence. Think of all of the tall models that make clothing look its best and then let your own inner model shine through.