Real Relief With Fake Grass For Hay Fever Sufferers


Fact. Prevention is always better than cure.  The old adage couldn’t hold truer than when it comes to your health.  The good news is that there’s almost always an alternative to look to when prevention means avoiding.

Hay fever affects a significant part of the total population.  But what can you do to prevent your hay fever from flaring up and enjoy good health?

What Is Hay Fever?

If you fall in the group of the many millions of people across the world that experiences the uncomfortable symptoms of hay fever, then spending time in the outdoors during the summer and spring time is especially difficult for you.  

Hay fever is caused by an allergy to a wide range of pollen, including pollen produced by natural grass.  An itchy throat, watery eyes, and sneezing, are just but a few of the symptoms of hay fever. It can be a real joy stealer and make going outdoor something to dread.

Antihistamines provide great relief for hay fever sufferers, but again, prevention is the best cure.  Because staying cooped up in the house is never really an option, the only way to prevent the hay fever attacks is by avoiding contact with the pollen. You can do this by making a single change to your garden, and that is doing away with the natural turf and installing artificial grass in its place.

Pollen-Free Grass

artificial grass sample perthYour natural turf garden may be your enemy when it comes to hay fever. While pollen does travel with the wind, a localized build of pollen such as on a natural grass lawn can be a very fast trigger for hay fever.  Natural grass produces pollen, not to mention the fact that it may also trap pollen being blown by the wind from other grassy areas.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, does not produce any grass pollen, and does not trap pollen from elsewhere as much as real grass. The little that may get trapped onto the surface is never nearly enough to trigger a serious hay fever attack.

Go Out More

Installing an artificial grass lawn gives you the freedom to go out and enjoy the great summer and spring weather. You can finally enjoy the great outdoors and spend some time out back with friends and family without having to worry too much about getting watery eyes and a running nose.

The synthetic grass installation in and of itself may not be enough to get rid of all your hay fever, but it will definitely help to alleviate your symptoms. This will allow you to go through your day, instead of having to hide indoors all day.

There is so much to look forward to during spring and the summer.  The weather is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, activities that you should be able to enjoy fully. Unfortunately, this is also the time when the pollen count is generally at its highest. As a hay fever sufferer, a synthetic grass lawn can help you alleviate the hay fever symptoms all year long, for better health, especially at this time.

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